About Us

Ramos & Fortier Ltd. is a Canadian company focused on testing and developing smart textiles. One of the company's goals is to support textile sustainability and advance research in textile engineering. With the 85% of textile waste ending up in landills in Canada1, "fast fashion" is an issue we can no longer ignore. Fashion is now the second most polluting industry2, second only to oil and gas, adding millions of tons of wastes into our landfills annually. We need to reflect on our consumption behaviour, and reassess the materials we use.

The company is currently in collaboration with the Faculty of Textile Engineering of the Technical University of Liberec of the Czech Republic to develop an training centre in Vancouver, BC. This educational centre aims to offer short courses on Textile Engineering, Woven, Non-woven and Nanomaterials. (Contact us at services@ramos-fortier.com for more information or possible partnership with your university.)

Ramos & Fortier is a member of the Smart Textile and Wearables Innovation Alliance. Facilitated by the National Research Council of Canada, the Smart Textile and Wearables Innovation Alliance is an industry-led initiative that brings together over 60 Canadian companies from all levels of the supply chain. The company is also a member of the Greater Vancouver Board of Trade, western Canada's most active and influential business association.

Through partnerships and events that it produces such as MFW-Vancouver (LinkedIn group), the first menswear event in Canada, Ramos & Fortier continues to remain true to its mandate of mentoring young entrepreneurs and emerging local menswear designers, discovering new eco-friendly textile and materials; and educating the SMB community on finding new ways of operating a business to increase efficiency and lessen waste. The company will also be hosting a Media and Exhibit Event in London, United Kingdom. The aim of the event is to showcase the next generation of Canadian designers and the efforts of the company to tackle current environmental issues within the apparel industry.

Ramos & Fortier is also active in city and provincial endeavours. It is one of the few fashion companies and the only men's company to be invited to be part of British Columbia's first ever creative conference organized by Simon Fraser University, and sponsored by the Consulat général de France à Vancouver. "BCreative 2012" was designed to bring together government, business, researchers and the creative sector to stimulate thinking to develop a strategy in building the creative economy of British Columbia. (Download the final report, "dreamcatcher3" below.)


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